4 Tips for choosing your first Blythe doll

The first thing you ask yourself to choose a Blythe doll is: which doll?
There are several elements that you must consider before deciding which one is for you: the hair, the size, the accessories, in short, there are many characteristics that Blythe dolls possess.
Start with the hair.
This time, I recommend that you let yourself be guided, mainly, by the hair. The color and the form. If you love your hair I assure you that you will like the Blythe doll in general.
There are many hair styles and even different facial molds for each version. Although it is likely that at first you will not even notice it, take it easy, as you enter the world of Blythe dolls you can identify the differences.
Search in the election
Do not worry so much about finding a Blythe doll that will strike your heart, sometimes it is better to buy the ones that are available because hunting a particular doll can take months if it is rare.
Above all, investigate, read, you do not want to be disappointed if you fall into the hands of a con man.

The price and availability of Blythe doll releases may depend on various things, such as: the number of dolls made, the popularity, the original price and stock.
If a doll is extremely popular, like Miss Sally Rice, for example, it will be much harder to find.

The Kenly Blythe dolls are the 1st Blythe dolls that were manufactured in 1972, they are very expensive items for collectors.

The next release in 2001 was the BL mold. They are also very sought after and can have a high price depending on the wrist, condition and items in stock (clothing, accessories, etc.) with which she comes.

The cheapest Blythe dolls are the RBL, SBL and FBL molds.



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