Tips to acquire a Blythe doll

There are some elements that you must take into account to acquire a Blythe doll: the year of the launch, if you want it totally new or not, and most importantly, how not to fall into the hands of the scammers.
If you want a new doll
To buy a new Blythe doll, you have several options: you can opt for previous or later versions.
The most recent versions can be found more easily at official retail stores (all online).

Old but completely new versions can be found through collectors that sell online or on sites like eBay.

Tips: Ask others in the Blythe doll community for advice on online retail stores.There are quite a few that offer shipments internationally, these retailers often sell completely new Blythes dolls.
If it is a used doll
To buy used Blythes dolls, I recommend you join a forum, there you can find the Blythe in stock or customized for sale with a wide range of prices.
Join a Facebook group to get a better idea of ​​the Blythes type prices you like. To feel satisfied with the Blythe doll you buy.

When dealing with a person (instead of a company), you always have the option to request references and / or comments to other users. Ask who he has sold to you in the past.
About payments in PayPal

Buyers should never be responsible for covering PayPal rates. Sellers should not ask you to do this. They should put a price on their Blythe dolls to cover this themselves.

Buyers should never pay anything as a ‘gift’ through PayPal. Protect yourself first.Pay in the correct category (for goods) and protect yourself in case someone is a scammer.



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