Characteristics of Blythe dolls


Blythe dolls are great as collectibles and are an excellent toy for children and adults alike. Its gigantic head, eyes and shiny skin distinguish these dolls from others.

The hair is placed on the scalp part of the wrist and is available in a variety of colors.

The legs are made of a thick rubber that makes them flexible.

The arms and upper body are made of a harder plastic and are not as flexible unless you upgrade to the more mobile option.

The real Takara dolls will come in a specific box for the release of that doll and will have a special outfit. They will have a set of chips for the eyes, hairstyle and support.

Factory Blythe dolls are not the original dolls and do not have a support; however, they are excellent if you plan to make many modifications to change the appearance of the actions or if you want to buy your own accessories and clothes for them.

Is it possible to customize a Blythe doll?


Yes, factory dolls are preferred for those who plan to modify them. In this way, it does not detract from the collector’s resale value and reduces some of the stress for those who are new to Blythe doll modification.

Here is a list of some of the customizations you can make to your Blythe doll:

Sanding, removing the shiny outer layer of the face and makeup.

Buy other chips for the eyes.

Add an additional pull cord so that one closes the eyes (called pull cord for sleeping) and the other one changes them.

Carve with dremels to change the shape of the face and lips or use sculpey to change the aesthetics of the face.

Change the hair



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