Make up your Blythe doll: 2 easy ways
  1. Make me a renewal with MAC!

Can you imagine yourself as a makeup artist? Or do you just want your Blythe to look like you? Here is an easy way to make up your Blythe doll without leaving your house!

One tip from some expert Blythe customizers is to make your doll’s own makeup. Fact: Your makeup can improve the makeup of your Blythe doll!

To add color to the cheeks, shake a cotton ball in the desired blush. Using the erasing movement and the soft swirls, apply the makeup to the desired area. Gently blow any excess. Continue adding color until you get the color you want.

The same can be done with your eyes. Using cotton balls or Q tips, apply the desired color.

You can sand it with a fine sponge to reshape the eyeshadow or the blush. Also, if you left dirty spots on any part of your face, you can also lightly sand them.

The makeup of your Blythe doll will have to be re-applied once every few months.

  1. Make me a renovation with pastel colored chalk!

An alternative way to do makeup for your Blythe doll is to use chalk.

Take a paper. Choose the color you want to use for your wrist and color it on the paper intensely until it forms dust on the surface.

Using a cotton ball again, pick up the color of the powder. Blows the excess. Then, gently, apply it to the cheeks or eye area in gentle swirls. Basically it’s the same procedure as part 1 from here, only you’ll be using chalk instead of makeup. And ready! Too easy.




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