Blythe tutorials: change of look, eyechip and freckles

A spark to the look

You can notice when you buy your Blythe doll, the eyes and, therefore, the look is oriented to one position: down. It seems that the doll all the time is unhappy or in depression. If you want to brighten your look, here is a quick tutorial.

Open the front plate and locate the T-bar and screw.

Unscrew and remove the plastic T-bar.

On the small clip to raise the eyes, only cut a small amount, it is easy to cut more if necessary, but it is not good if you take too much; so go in small clips.

And there you have a raised look. Simple customization

Eyechip change

Use the glue stick method. If your Blythe doll has eyelashes, you simply have to stick them with blue tape for painters.

Burn the tip of the glue stick until it is smooth.

Press firmly on the center of the eyechip and keep it pressed until it dries.

Let stand for 5 minutes or more (the more, the better).

Take the glue stick as close as possible to the connection.

Hold firmly, turn and pull in one motion to release the chip.

If it does not come loose, simply cut off the burned tip with scissors and repeat until it comes out.

I have had stubborn touches that have taken 6 to 7 attempts, but finally came out with this method. The glue simply peels off the eyechip, clean it and save it for future use.

To make freckles

For freckles use acrylic paints in different shades of brown, water and a pick.

One point, two points, three more points.

Dip the tip in paint and then in water, touch the paper and then on the face. Use your finger to erase and give it a more natural look.



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