7 tips before buying a Blythe doll

7 tips before buying a Blythe doll

After going through the selection process, and you have already decided which Blythe doll is for you, you should follow some simple but important tips.

Take care of the fake dolls, you’re probably new to this beautiful Blythe doll, try not to buy a fake or copied doll. Frequently, in pages like eBay many sell them under the name of ‘Blythe factory’ or ‘factory dolls’ these are built with several spare parts and offer it as a complete one.


Check out the purchase status of the Blythe doll. If a doll appears as a reservation, it means that it has not been modified, that is, it is a new doll and must be personalized later.


Also, you can get in the search for your Blythe doll, a large variety of personalized dolls and with various modifications such as: the sanded face, that is, without the shine; with carved lips, new or painted eyelashes.


Many newbies buy a Blythe doll with the intention of personalizing it. It is not advisable to do this. Why? You may be disappointed in the result you get. Better buy a Blythe doll from an expert.


Final recommendations

Enter several forums related to Blythe dolls, you can find a pair where Blythe collectors gather and exchange dolls and clothes.



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